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The Ultimate Guide to Construction Document Management

Between contracts, drawings, safety reports, photos, and the countless other construction documents, there is plenty for construction professionals to have to manage. The way a company manages construction documents and other files and photos is crucial for success. The good news? It’s simpler to manage than it seems. With these five quick tips, construction document control is easier than ever. 

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Retaining Young Workers: 5 Ways to Boost Workplace Morale

As Gen Z workers enter the workforce, employers across all industries are witnessing a noticeable change. In recent years, employee expectations for the workplace have clearly shifted, placing a greater emphasis on workplace morale. To effectively build for the future, business owners should prepare for what these young employees look for in the workplace. 

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3 Steps to Getting Started Successfully with Construction Management Software

Congratulations! You did it!

After hours of painstaking research, budget discussions, software demos, and exploratory trials, you sealed the deal on the ideal construction project management software for your company.

. . . Now what?

It may feel overwhelming when you are first tasked with getting your new-to-you construction management software up and running at your company, but that's where we come in - the experts who make up ConstructionOnline's Success Team. Our goal is your success, and we'll show you that better project management is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Maximizing the ROI of Happy Customers for Your Construction Company

Some construction professionals have dismissed the importance of customer service in the construction industry, not worrying if the customer experience is good, as long as the project result meets expectations. Don’t make this mistake - your company is not a single-dimensional company. Yes, you are a construction company, so you must provide quality construction services. However, the customer is the reason for your work, and so the entirety of their experience matters, not just the result. Extraordinary customer experiences create happy customers, and happy customers generate new business.

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Best Practices for Getting Started with Construction Estimating Software

In my role as Success Coordinator for UDA ConstructionOnline, I’ve worked with hundreds of construction teams who have found that the implementation of UDA’s industry-leading construction estimating software has led to substantial revenue growth for their companies. Oftentimes, a company’s success can be determined early on by the priority they place on the simple things. For new customers getting started or current customers who are looking to do more, these are the three best practices that can be applied to support your success with construction estimating software -

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3 Priorities for Construction Project Managers, According to President Eisenhower

Known mainly for his military and political achievements, President Dwight D. Eisenhower found success following a principle he shared often, “[w]hat is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” In construction project management, the Urgent-Important principle suggests that project managers should ensure they are prioritizing the important tasks that might not have immediate deadlines. Here are three tasks that we think are highly important for construction projects that may not set off any of your urgent alarms.

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3 Surprising Ways to Use Construction Punch Lists

Although punch lists are a familiar assessment tool in the construction industry, the many possible ways in which they can be applied are commonly overlooked. We all know that punch lists are the standard for end-of-project walk-thrus and inspections, but have you ever considered using a punch list app to successfully end each phase of a project, or ensure all necessary documentation is completed across the duration of a job? What about measuring your preparedness for a trade show or making sure a lead is fully qualified using a punch list? Below, we provide 3 unconventional yet easy adaptations for the common punch list format:

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Why Should I Use Construction Estimating Templates?

At UDA Technologies, we frequently recommend working with templates in construction management – estimate templates, schedule templates, document templates, even complete project templates – because we know that building repeatable, reliable processes supports the growth and success of your construction company. However, many construction professionals scoff at the idea of templates when first introduced, thinking that these types of tools only apply to certain types of builders. You’ll be happy to learn that templates – particularly construction estimate templates – are actually beneficial tools for almost all types of builders. Read on to learn more about why you should start using estimate templates today at your business:

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5 Reasons You Are Ready for Software

Your company may have started small, with little to no infrastructure to support the successful scale of your business. However, as you begin to experience periods of rapid growth, you will encounter challenges impairing the profitability, visibility, and quality of your company's jobs. Software plays a major role in helping you navigate these tricky times with ease, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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How to Scale a Construction Business without Losing Money

Navigating rapid growth at your construction company can be tricky business. All too often, companies experiencing rapid growth fall victim to common mistakes which can deliver catastrophic results, like business failure. American business executive and author, Beth Comstock, reminds us that scaling successfully “isn’t just about driving growth. It’s about staying in business.”

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