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Success Spotlight: Lee Construction, Inc.

This week we'd like to highlight Lee Construction, Inc. and share the story of their success. Lee Construction, Inc. is a premier family-owned construction company in Western Kansas who sets new industry standards for innovation, customer advocacy, quality, safety and community service.  When asked about their success, Rean Wessels had this to say:

Introducing Lee Construction, Inc.



 Using ConstructionOnline has helped Lee Construction, Inc. in many ways in a few short months. I am a new user of this kind of software and a few months ago I did not even know that something like this existed. It has opened a whole new world for me and I am blown away by what ConstructionOnline can do.


We demo'ed a few competing products before making a choice and it was the wide range of features at the most competitive price that sold us on ConstructionOnline. I especially like the messaging feature which is basically an email system dedicated to one specific project. Overall, it saves us time. Makes it easy to find stuff. Helps you stay organized. Keeps subs, vendors, owners, architects, vendors all on the same page."


Originally, Lee Construction was started in the late 1940's, when Gordon Lee moved his family to Garden City in 1948. Sixty years later, Lee Construction Inc. is now ran by Gordon Lee's three sons, Gail, Richard and Mark Lee, and his grandsons, Rean Wessels and Matt Lee. 

In sixty years, the Lee family has created a firm that has the corporate infrastructure to provide a wide range of construction services to Western Kansas. They have built many fine buildings, sewer and water systems that allow for a better quality of life for the citizens of the community. 


Lee Construction Inc. strives to be good corporate citizens of this area and continues to try to participate with the other members of the business community to provide for a better standard of living for the entire community. They feel privileged to have been able to share their assets with the community. 

For more information about Lee Construction, visit the link below:

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