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4 Ways to Transform Your Day with ConstructionOnline

As a Project Manager, we know you have a lot of irons in the fire – those that you are overseeing and those that you are actually responsible for. To be able to do so successfully, you need to maximize your efficiency and centralize your information in one place that is organized and accessible. ConstructionOnline, UDA’s comprehensive project management solution, is designed exactly for this purpose. Having helped hundreds of Project Managers just like you find success with ConstructionOnline, I’m sharing 4 ways to transform your day with ConstructionOnline:

  • Check your Newsfeed: Review Company Activity since last logging in, and see What’s Coming Up for you, including Upcoming Due Dates, Lead Callbacks, Tasks, and more! These views are customizable, so set your preferred viewing options once and see your priorities every day.
  • Reply To & Send Correspondence: Just like your phone with text messages or your desktop with emails, you’ll want to be sure to keep up with your ConstructionOnline correspondence, including Messages, RFIs, & Submittals, on a daily basis.
  • Update the Schedule: One of the primary benefits of Scheduling in ConstructionOnline is the ability to keep it current. Take a moment to update changes as they come your way, so that all parties involved in the project know exactly what the status of each task is. This is how you align expectations, and how you ensure that your projects come in on time and under budget.
  • Submit & Review Project Logs: Logging is one of the most necessitated features for successful project management, as it allows documentation of what is actually occurring throughout the day in the field. The most successful clients I see complete logs at least once daily, if not more frequently, enhancing accuracy and simplifying communication across the project team. Logs can detail work completed, equipment used, deliveries made, and more – information that is invaluable to managers as they review daily project progress.

Done on a daily basis, each of these acts takes no more than a few moments to complete – and to be sure, those moments are time well spent. Not only will building these habits into your routine transform your day, but you will see a total transformation of your team and your company as time is saved, frustration avoided, and success achieved.

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