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3 Easy Ways to Improve Project Communication from the Jobsite: Progress Photos, Punch Lists, and Daily Logs

The goal of project management software like ConstructionOnline is to improve your business and therefore, bolster your success. By making the business of construction better, faster, and smarter, clients are happier, subs are more willing, and business goes smoother. One of the most important factors in improving your business is getting your team onboard with these improvements. We know there will be some hesitancy, which is why we recommend 3 simple ways to get your field team incorporated into your collaborative project management solution:

  1. Progress Photos – Uploading photos from the field is one of the easiest – and most impactful – ways to improve field to office to client communication. A photo is worth a thousand words, the old adage says, and in no field is that truer than the construction field. Photo uploads can be made quickly multiple times a day to showcase progress or problems, and regular progress photos are a fundamental element of every contractor’s CYA file.
  2. Punch Lists – ConstructionOnline allows for Pro Users to build, template, and share detailed punch lists to ensure the quality of work being completed and to get accurate reports on interfering issues. What’s easier than presenting your subs with a punch list that is literally a click away on their phone? You’ve done the heavy lifting and now they don’t even have to keep up with a clipboard. Check!
  3. Project Logging – One of the most popular features available for team management in ConstructionOnline, Project Logging provides pre-populated field forms that makes daily reporting a breeze. Covering everything from work logs to delivery logs and ever-dreaded weather delays, logging streamlines the process of information sharing between jobsite and office, eliminating phone calls, text messages, emails, and carrier pigeons. Notifications can be set for required daily logs – and logs are time/date stamped for the ultimate in information accuracy.

I definitely believe the key to getting your team onboard with new processes is to keep it simple in the beginning. Any combo of the options named above will provide you with a vast return on your investment in ConstructionOnline project management software and will drastically improve your field to office communication in a simple, direct manner. As your team members begin to get comfortable with these simple, but powerful tools, they will be more open to exploring and expanding in the future.

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