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Tips & Tricks Webinar Series: 3 Ways to Estimate like an Expert


Continuing our Tips & Tricks Series webinar series, Senior Product Specialist Ian Schaefer will show you how you can find success with OnCost Estimating in 3 different ways! If you missed our live session, you can find the recording here as well as questions asked in the webinar by some of ConstructionSuite's 500,000 users.


In the video, you can see how implementing ConstructionSuite can take your team's project management to the next level. Throughout this webinar, participants submitted questions for our team to answer - here are a few great questions that came in:

Is permission to lock or unlock the estimate controlled by user based permissions and configurable?

Cydney: The ability to lock/unlock estimates in ConstructionSuite is an option for Admin Users only. 

I really like the locking function.  Can you "unlock" for a particular project?

Cydney: That's right, the locks are actually applied on a per estimate basis here, so you are able to apply different locks to different project estimates during different phases of work, as needed. 

Can we add a custom column where we can add our own information?

Cydney: You certainly can! If you check out the options under Show/Hide Columns, you will see that there are a few "Custom Column" options there you can explore. 

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