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Success Spotlight: October 5 Fine Home Builders

UDA Technologies is the fastest growing provider of construction management software. With over 400,000 users worldwide and exceeding $60 billion in jobs managed every day, our goal remains the same: your success. Our clients are helping to build the world and make a difference in their communities. This post is part of an ongoing series showcasing the work of UDA clients around the globe.

Introducing October 5 Fine Home Builders 

This week we'd like to highlight October 5 Fine Home Builders, and share the story of their success. October 5 is guided by the master-builder tradition. October 5 is a Southern California-based Design-Build firm consistently reaching for sublime perfection. When asked about their accomplishments, this is what they had to say:

quote1.jpgOctober 5 puts in a tremendous amount of work before any demolition or construction begins. Relying on UDA ConstructionSuite construction management software for detailed construction budgeting and project costing, October 5 runs a live, open-book, parallel budget during the entire design process.


“We spend the extra time to carefully plan out every detail and every cost. This front-end planning is what allows us to be so precise, detail-oriented, and efficient. It gives the homeowner a clear picture of where every dollar is being spent, It’s the same approach for every project.”

— Jim Brophy


"We’re a design/build company, and one of the few residential home builders with the expertise and resources to offer this approach," says Brophy. With October 5’s unique design/build/budgeting process, homeowners benefit from having one accountable team through every phase of the project — from the initial computer-aided floor plan designs to the construction to the installation and interior design. “We’re in continual contact with the homeowner during every step of the project; they always know what’s going on and where we are in the process,” Ryan Heiman says.

October 5 Fine Home builders2.jpg

“They also know who to go to with any questions, and they get an immediate response from us.” Brophy points out that as part of their design/build approach, he also keeps track of the project’s budget. “With ConstructionSuite construction management software, I can instantly tell the homeowner what each part of the project is going to cost them, and point out where they can save or get more for their money,” he explains. “This helps them stay on budget and avoid any costly surprises.”

October 5 has a series on their YouTube channel dedicated to their Belmont Heights home remodeling project.



Because October 5 is involved in every aspect of the home build or remodel, they’re also able to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and materials from the vendors they work with.

“We’re not easy to please,” admits Heiman. “The vendors we work are just as exacting; they’re true artists.”

 “At October 5, we have a saying: Build it once, build it right, make it last a lifetime,” says Brophy. “This project’s not only feels right, but is designed and built right, from top to bottom. There’s no better feeling than seeing people fall in love with the homes we’ve worked on.” 

For more information about October 5 Fine Home Builders, visit the links below: | Facebook | Houzz

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