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Feature Spotlight: Home Climates - Punch Lists

Punch Lists are one of the features most in-demand for growing construction companies who are looking to improve field to office project management. As the primary tool for closing out projects successfully, Punch Lists are an important part of ensuring the completion and quality of the work you are presenting. Having a consistent process for managing punch lists allows for your projects to end on a happy note.

Jim VanHorn from Home Climates in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, found a Punch List tool in ConstructionOnline that made it easy to keep tabs on project progress, as he describes here:

“[We found] seamless integration between the office and staff in the field [with ConstructionOnline]. With punch lists, it's easy to check on the daily progress of our crews to keep them on time and on budget.”

ConstructionOnline’s Punch List tool provides the ability to create, access, and manage Punch Lists from anywhere at any time. From your desktop in the office, your laptop at home, and your mobile device on the jobsite, you and your team can access the most up to date information to keep your projects and your team on track.

Create standardized templates for your team to work with, so you know down to the detail that the standards of your company are being upheld. This type of collaboration increases efficiency across your company and eliminates communication errors. Get started with the mobile app today!

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