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Effective Project Management Begins with Project Workflows


Effective project management is at the core of every profitable construction company - you estimate, you plan, and with effective project management, you deliver. Project workflows empower you to deliver quality construction consistently by outlining your path to successful project delivery. 

The ability to build, apply, and manage comprehensive project workflows sets your company up for ultimate success by enabling you and your team to consistently (and efficiently) address every aspect of complete, quality project management. Whether you are a young company looking to scale smartly or a long-established company looking to ensure executed quality, project workflows are the perfect addition to your everyday construction management process.

Workflows provide an outline - quite literally, in a clear, bulleted list - of every factor that needs to be addressed during the project's duration, from start to finish. These tools differ from project schedules, calendars, and to do lists in that workflows really serve to address the back-office management of the project, guiding your team to confirm completion of essential tasks in a timely, sensible fashion - i.e. the correct correspondence has been sent, the appropriate documentation has been collected, the project schedule has been distributed, and so on. 

Workflow management tools should allow you the capability to break tasks out by phase and stage. Advanced workflow management tools will generally include active reminders for workflow items and options for automatic progression of events triggered by the completion of preceding tasks, as defined in the workflow itself. The best workflow management tools will allow for customization of applied workflows in various way, such as key project characteristic, like project type.

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Every construction company - new or established, struggling or growing - is working to achieve the some version of the same core goals - get new business and gain profit. We know that these are the fundamental keys to keeping your doors open, and to do so in a sustainable fashion requires consistent practices to deliver quality execution. Project workflows are the ultimate tools for developing this recipe for success within your company and applying it, time and again. 

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