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AWS Webinar Series: QuickBooks in the Cloud

To kick off April as the month of AWS, Senior Product Specialist Ian Schaefer and Sales Consultant Jordan Davis over-viewed UDA Technologies' partnership with Amazon Web Services hosting. If you missed out on the live webinar, you can find the recording below as well as an interview with the hosts about the power of combining ConstructionSuite9 and Amazon Web Services.


Utilizing ConstructionSuite™ 9 and Amazon Web Services together gives you the power to take your projects with you no matter where you are. With coverage in over 17 geographic regions, your team can be connected across state and country lines. Following the webinar, I caught up with Jordan and Ian to ask them a few questions about the benefits of implementing Amazon Web Services:

Why did UDA Technologies select Amazon Web Services as their cloud hosting partner?

Ian: Amazon offers the fastest and most reliable cloud hosting options on the market.  The performance, speed, reliability, and reach of the Amazon hosting network make this choice easy!

Jordan: When Ian says it’s the fastest and most reliable cloud hosting option, we mean it. We’ve tested the leading competitors extensively. None deliver the speed and reliability that Amazon’s service provides.

How can cloud hosting benefit my company in comparison to using ConstructionSuite9 traditionally?

Jordan: I can offer a concrete example: one of our clients called the other day with a brief question about creating a proposal. He was back in his office to generate and print the proposal before a second meeting with his own prospective client. Their first meeting was cut short because he didn’t have that proposal at the first meeting. What if he’d been able to pull up that same proposal in the first meeting? With ConstructionSuite on AWS, he could have generated the proposal on the spot, and his client could have signed the proposal digitally in his first meeting, saving time and money.

Ian: Cloud hosting offers a number of advantages over traditional, in-office use.  With ConstructionSuite in the cloud, you and your team will be able to access ConstructionSuite from anywhere on any smart device; this means you will be able to substantially cut down on meetings, trips to the office, bookkeeper/accountant visits, and more.  In addition, UDA Technologies will maintain all the software on the cloud-hosted computer – no more waiting for a tech support company for updates when they can be taken care of immediately by the experts!

Can other software be hosted on the cloud with ConstructionSuite™ 9?

Ian: Yes! We currently have clients working with both ConstructionSuite and QuickBooks in the cloud, with plans to include many of our partner applications as needed. We will also review additional applications upon request.

Jordan: We actually offer packages that will host up to 15 applications! Other cloud-hosting providers tend to restrict their offerings to a single application, sometimes 2 if they’re generous. With AWS, you can have every application you need in the cloud, ready to go wherever you are.

Interested in learning more about how our partnership with Amazon Web Services can benefit you and your team? As Jordan stated during the webinar, "By offering our own cloud hosting services, we are able to bring our premium services and expertise to customers anywhere and everywhere." Speak with one of our Product Specialists today at (800) 700-8321!

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