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Ditch the Clipboard and Go Mobile With Your Punch Lists {Free App}

Developing and implementing a standard punch list to finalize your jobs is a surefire way to to know that each project is completed without any loose ends. Having these specific and consistent checks in place creates a team that knows their expectations, a job that has a definitive end, and a company who can confidently stand behind the quality of their work. Creating your punch lists through a mobile app can save you time and end your headaches from completing a project. Here are five reasons to throw out your clipboard and go mobile with your punch lists:

  • Increased Documentation: A general end-of-project punch list will address quality control of details and finishes in your project (items), and will document last minute repairs, corrections, and/or improvements that need to be made (issues) before finalizing the job. But, through mobile punch lists, pictures can be attached to completed list items to ensure everything is completed correctly.
  • Better Communication with Clients: By creating a punch list report virtually, clients can sign off on updates to the punch lists and track when tasks are completed. Contractors and owners can agree more easily on job specifics and verify that upon completion the job is officially considered wrapped.
  • Pre-Defined Templates: Mobile punch list templates can be especially useful for frequently repeated processes. Especially for routine inspections, templates make the process easy and don't result in time wasted writing new items every time the inspection needs to occur.
  • Integration with Redline Planroom: In the ConstructionOnline mobile app, you can link to punch list items within plans in our drawing markup feature, Redline Planroom. Singular punch list items can be pinpointed on the plans to their exact location, so they'll never be missed.
  • Easily Sharable: When using paper punch lists, it can be hard to keep everyone informed and on the same page. Using a mobile app for punch lists eliminates that problem, because lists can be mobily shared with your team in seconds.

To get started, download our ConstructionOnline Mobile app today. By using a mobile app for your punch lists, tasks can be updated or added from any location at any time, ultimately saving you time.

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