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Countdown to IBS 2024: 4 Weeks 'til Vegas

Welcome back once again to UDA Technologies’ exclusive countdown to IBS 2024– the largest trade show in North America. This week marks four weeks out, and less than one month left! As our planning shifts from big ideas to small things to ensure we have in place, we bring you another insight into the biggest week of the year! This week, read more to discover some exciting NAHB-hosted parties and events, the bistro/nightclub that’ll tell your future, and the true meaning behind the international part of IBS.

Better Pack your Party Hat!

A business trip should never be all business, and thankfully, the NAHB understands that. Don’t think of “networking” opportunities as a place where you have to throw on the blazer and pitch a business idea to someone. Instead, think of it for what it is!  Networking is an opportunity just to make connections with like-minded individuals across the country, and at IBS 2024, the world!

Back in our second countdown article, we highlighted the various different educational opportunities offered by the NAHB. Alongside these are events– perfect for networking, or just for kicking back and making the most out of your trip! But hurry– some of these events require reservations, and some of them are already booked out!

Las Vegas (for some reason) is notorious for magicians, and Wells Fargo is sponsoring an Opening Ceremony featuring America’s Got Talent’s Mat Franco! Sure, you may have to get up early the first morning of IBS, but what better way to kick off an incredible week? For the opening ceremony, all attendees and exhibitors are invited. The doors open at 7 AM, and seating is first-come, first-served.

Another awesome opportunity for you youngin's out there is the IBS Young Pro Party. The hottest networking event of the year will be held Wednesday, February 28th at BrewDog– exclusively for young residential construction professionals. Sorry, but if you’re over 40, you’re not allowed… Tickets are required for this event, and they start at $55 a pop. Make sure to check it out before they sell out!

That’s not all, either! We still have free Expo tickets available here, and check out the NAHB IBS 2024 official events list here to see what else you might need that party hat for.

The Fortune-Teller Nightclub

The Tao Nightclub and Asian Bistro located in the Venetian Resort (just like Chica) is a perfect place to have a fantastic dinner and then step out into the #1 nightclub in Vegas after your food settles. After you try the Chilean Sea Bass from the bistro menu, you’ll never want one from anywhere else.

While nobody here is going to pull out a little crystal ball and tell you your fortune, at dinner you can get a massive Fortune Cookie that fills out the size of a standard plate, with a fortune tucked inside, of course. Not only is the Bistro impressive from their extravagant menu to the rose-petal baths lining the walls as you walk in, but the nightclub also cannot be missed.


The 10,000-square-foot club is known as “the epitome of Las Vegas nightlife” for a reason. A-listers like Jamie Foxx, Madonna, and Drake have been spotted on the dancefloor on multiple occasions. Complete with three bars, an expansive dance floor, private sky-boxes, and a 40-foot terrace overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember. Or, a night to not remember, whichever is more appealing to you.

The International Builders’ Show

We came across this shirt last year and of course thought it was pretty funny. Well, you can’t exactly do that for the week of IBS, because the French will be in town…

IMG_9764 (3)

You read that right. This isn’t just the trade show for North American vendors. Sure, it is located in North America, but that doesn’t mean you have to be American to attend or to even exhibit! Once you go to IBS once, you realize what an incredible opportunity it is for international builders and vendors, but for you, the American builder as well. It’s always recommended to seek out international vendors, especially considering the different technologies, materials, architectural styles, and building standards that vary across the world. Check out Japan’s company Mitsubishi– the leader in HVAC appliances, some of Canada’s top wood vendors, and the finest Italian Marble on the market all in one place.

Living (or Working) like Europeans

Last year, one of the exhibitors was a company from Sweden called “Vӓlinge”-- a company that has revolutionized building technology. This company’s product Threespine is the leader of click-furniture technology, an effortless and accessible new way to build cabinets and built-ins– their top products. And yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking. You just click the pieces together, no hardware needed.

IBS 2024 is a fantastic place to explore new ways to incorporate renewable energy in your building practices. Germany and other European countries have mastered the use of wind power as energy, as well as seamless adoptions of solar power across the nations. Come to IBS and learn from the experts from countries who have required Green Energy for years now, and start building for the future!

These are just a couple of examples of some of the incredible insights you’ll get from international companies at IBS 2024, but there is much more to see. Who knows what else you can learn from international companies?

ConstructionOnline Around the World

One thing that is unique to ConstructionOnline is how easily accessible the software is in different countries, not just in the United States. ConstructionOnline is available in 119 different countries, and available in various languages– six versions of English, several different Spanish versions, and Chinese versions as well!

Not only is ConstructionOnline offered in 119 countries, but it is also optimized for different countries as well. For example, Date/Time formats, default currencies, calendar settings, numeric fonts, and nationally observed holidays vary depending on your country, and ConstructionOnline’s default settings will adjust to your region!

For more information about our international versions of ConstructionOnline Schedule a demo today!


You don’t want to miss next week’s edition of the IBS countdown from UDA Technologies, where you’ll get a complete guide to your IBS GamePlan, the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and what to have set up before you head to Vegas. To learn more about our products, visit our website here, and get excited for the 3 week countdown to the largest trade show in North America!

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