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ConstructionOnline Secret Hacks: Automated Reminders for Construction Daily Logs


Over half a million users can attest that ConstructionOnline addresses the prevalent project management needs of growing construction firms across the globe -- but do you know about ConstructionOnline’s secret weapons? ConstructionOnline Secret Hacks will point you to ConstructionOnline’s most unique tools, differentiators which truly make ConstructionOnline stand out as the most powerful construction project management software on the web today.

Automated Reminders for Construction Daily Logs

Daily Logs are an integral part of assessing and seeing progress on any construction jobsite, especially when you are managing multiple projects and can’t possibly be onsite for every hour of the day. Thankfully, ConstructionOnline provides exceptional construction Daily Logs that enhance communication across your project team with ease and document the daily activities onsite to keep you well covered.

But that’s not all – the secret to managing construction Daily Logs and ensuring employee compliance comes in the form of automated Log Reminders from ConstructionOnline. By scheduling Log Reminders (that’s a one-time step – set it and forget it!), you can be sure that your team in the field remembers to submit the appropriate Daily Logs on a regular basis. These helpful reminders are scheduled by Company Employees for project team members and then automatically generated and delivered to assigned contacts by email or text message at the scheduled frequency. Ding! 🔔

To take it one step further, check out ConstructionOnline's Log Report – which allows you to compile construction daily logs by project, creator, assigned resource, and/or type for a selected time frame and generates a professional, presentation-ready report that can easily be compiled as needed.  

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