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Manually managing where employees and subs need to be is a time consuming task. With ConstructionOnline's GamePlan feature, that task is automated, saving you time, money, and hassle. Take a look at this common cause and effect of a company that implements GamePlan.

Let me set the scene for you –

Location: General Construction Company, Everytown, USA

Dave & John work at General Construction Company as Project Managers. They are each responsible for managing 3 jobsites and the associated crews.

Arlene works at General Construction Company as an Office Administrator. She helps Dave & John with the communication and coordination of scheduled crews each day.

Time: Last Summer (before GamePlan)

Arlene spends the last hour of each day calling crew leaders to verify assignments for the next day. She often times spends the first hour of each morning calling to redirect miscommunications. Dave & John are onsite, unsure of who to expect when or where, facing project delays and putting out fires. Even when she's road tripping to the Grand Canyon with her kids on summer vacation, Arlene is fielding call after call, text messages, and frustrations trying to keep everyone in sync.

Fast Forward –

Time: This Summer (after GamePlan)

Arlene spent one hour this year customizing each employees’ GamePlan report, selecting appropriate frequency, time frame, and task options. Crew members receive up-to-date GamePlans each weekday afternoon by email or mobile notification, so they know what’s assigned for the next day and where they need to be. Dave & John report fewer project delays and more satisfied employees, while Arlene has gained 8+ hours a week to give more attention to new lead sources for the company - and is enjoying a peaceful *work-free* family vacation for the first summer in years!

In summary, with the implementation of GamePlan at General Construction Company in Everytown, USA, Arlene gained 8 hours a week on average. Over the course of the year, that's a total of 416 hours - more than 17 DAYS - of work time gained (and applied to other areas of importance in the company!). 

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