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Best Practices for Getting Started with Construction Estimating Software

Best Practices for Getting Started with Construction Estimating Software | UDA ConstructionOnline Blog | Construction Project Management Software

In my role as Success Coordinator for UDA ConstructionOnline, I’ve worked with hundreds of construction teams who have found that the implementation of UDA’s industry-leading construction estimating software has led to substantial revenue growth for their companies. Oftentimes, a company’s success can be determined early on by the priority they place on the simple things. For new customers getting started or current customers who are looking to do more, these are the three best practices that can be applied to support your success with construction estimating software -

Start with Standardized Construction Estimate Templates:

Set your company up for success by investing the time initially to curate comprehensive construction estimate templates with accurate cost data and line item detail. Trust me, this is worth the extra time it takes when getting started – because the returns are immeasurable in the long-run. Templates keep the estimating process simple for you (and your team members) and make it quick + easy to turn leads into paying clients.

Immediate Benefits: Creation of faster initial estimates, increased accuracy + consistency companywide

(We’ll) Keep Counting & Calculating Accurate Job Costs:

Generating an estimate to present initial contract price is only the beginning of successful management of project finances. The real attention must be paid to adjustments, change orders, and selections throughout the course of the project – this is where pennies slip through the cracks and profits get torpedoed, and this is why so many construction companies fail. Without the proper tools in place, it’s impossible to reconcile every receipt in your wallet, every request received on the jobsite, every approval discussed over the phone. Equipping your team with powerful software tools that make it easy to track and maintain project finances will keep you in the green.

Key Components: Change Order Management, Profitability Tracking, Financial Reporting

Integrate your Construction Estimating Software with your Construction Accounting Software:

A construction estimating platform that is compatible with your construction accounting software and provides bi-directional integration options is going to be one of the best business decisions you ever make. Streamline the process of reconciling invoices, purchase orders, checks, credit cards receipts, and more by allowing the software platforms you’ve invested to work for you. This level of integration will allow for better communication from estimators and accountants to project managers and clients, and will give the team as a whole a better overall picture of where the finances stand, per project and as a company.

Immediate Benefits: Decreased data entry, better communication across departments, easy job costing

Construction estimating software should be a welcome addition to your company because the tools should allow you to work faster, build smarter, and earn more. The estimating solutions available in ConstructionOnline's OnCost™ Estimating Software are proven to empower users to do just that – what are you waiting for? Start making a difference in your bank account today.

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