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3 Scoops of QuickBooks Integration – Webinar Companion

Ian Schaefer, Senior QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and Ben Willis, Senior QuickBooks Integration Developer, come together in this Special Session Webinar to present the various QuickBooks Integration options available with UDA Technologies. If you missed the opportunity to join us live, you can find the recording below – as well as a summary of noted recommendations and most popular questions.

QuickBooks continues to be the most widely relied upon accounting solution for construction companies, and UDA Technologies is proud to have built a long, successful partnership with such a respected pillar in the industry. As a QuickBooks Certified Gold Developer for nearly a decade, UDA applies experience and expertise to develop and support construction estimating tools which fit in seamlessly with industry recommended accounting practices. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients as they have gotten our software solutions implemented at their company, and I can tell you, the most successful implementations are found in comprehensive, integrated systems.

For the best results from your construction management software +
your accounting management software, integration is key.

UDA QuickBooks Pro Advisors offer several important recommendations for customers when preparing for your integration:

  • Ask your accountant. When it comes to accounting management and integration, don’t take any action before consulting with your accountant. The flexible integration options offered by UDA Technologies allow for you to be in total control of how data entry to QuickBooks is completed, and you want alignment across your company. I promise your accountant will thank you.
  • Keep a safety net. Better-safe-than-sorry - Always, always, always save a back-up of your QuickBooks before making changes or starting an integration. This is standard best practice in any instance, not just when considering an integration with your construction management software, however it is an often-overlooked step which I make a point to emphasize to my clients. A back up gives you the freedom to explore the integration process with security.
  • Work smarter, not harder. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline both provide excellent options for building comprehensive estimating templates, and you are going to want to do just that. You will want the order of your construction estimate to match the order of your items list in QuickBooks. The most efficient way to achieve this will be to assign a numbering system to categories/subcategories populating in your estimate templates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already have a complete items list in QuickBooks – is there a way to import that list to ConstructionSuite, instead of vice versa?

Yes! You can actually export your items list from QuickBooks, and we can use that to create an estimate template in ConstructionSuite.

Are payments received through QuickBooks or UDA’s program?

All payments would still be processed through your QuickBooks account. UDA can import actuals, committed costs, and invoices to track current project status.

Do I have to complete the QuickBooks Initial Set Up for each project integrating with QuickBooks?

You will only need to complete the QuickBooks Initial Set Up the first time you integrate with your QuickBooks account – your settings will be remembered moving forward. However, you can make changes to your QuickBooks Integration Set Up later, if necessary.

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