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Avoid Communication Breakdown with ConstructionOnline

Suffice to say, communication is a must-have for you and your projects—that is, if you have all intentions of keeping everything on track and crucial information flowing smoothly to the appropriate parties. Without that, you can just about guarantee that the efficiency of your projects will soon hit rock bottom with a sickening, resounding thud.

Thankfully for you, ConstructionOnline has the capability to be the hub of your project-relevant communication, whether that communication needs to be with clients, subcontractors, employees, or anyone else in between.


Sometimes even the most basic of communication between you and your clients can prove difficult. After all, there can be the matter of making sure that you are contacting them through the proper channels, as well as keeping every correspondence organized and available for reference.

With ConstructionOnline’s Messaging, it is insanely easy to quickly send a message to a client and, accordingly, get a response. All correspondence is contained within a streamlined interface that allows you to view messages as organized by project and contact.


If you’ve ever worked on a commercial project, you know that getting all of the important information from the necessary parties can be an arduous task. Before you know it, you might be swamped under a pile of Requests for Information, barely able to keep track of which responses you have received and what you need to do next.

If you’ve ever found yourself on the verge of madness because of a similar scenario, you can take a breath and relax. In ConstructionOnline, staying organized with your RFIs is easy work. Your RFIs will all be centrally located within ConstructionOnline, and accordingly you’re always a click away from viewing your responses and the critical information they hold for your projects.


Transmittals are important for any commercial project. They are often used to send critical documents, such as plans and records, to several parties involved in a project, and accordingly, they may be quite time-sensitive in nature.

With ConstructionOnline’s Transmittal feature, you can easily get your Transmittals out without delay and in a matter of seconds.


Like Transmittals, your Submittals are comprised of plans, specifications and documents that need to find their way to the various figures playing important roles in your array of projects. Of course, the added wrinkle is that you are also awaiting a response in return, and it is this response that may determine what your next step is.

Submittals in ConstructionOnline make it easy for your recipients to respond and accordingly let you know if they have been approved, rejected or need further revision. With the guess work eliminated and the waiting game quelled, you’ll be able to maintain and establish an efficient line of communication via Submittals and keep everything on its best course.

Like what you’re reading so far? Reach out to us as soon as you can to get more information on how ConstructionOnline’s communication tools can help you take your business to another level at 800.700.8321!

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