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5 Easy Steps to Becoming a ConstructionOnline Power User

The goal of a tool like ConstructionOnline is to make your life easier and your business more successful. But you can’t reap all the benefits of the system if you’re only taking advantage of a small percentage of what it has to offer. Follow these 5 easy steps to become a ConstructionOnline Power User – and make the most of your subscription – everyday:

  1. Build Project Templates – and you’ll thank me later. You can include a multitude of components in your project templates, including standard folders+files, selections options, punch lists, and so much more. Creating custom project templates will save you days of work down the road – and keep your company running with an organized and consistent approach.
  2. Customize Your Newsfeed. ConstructionOnline’s Newsfeed is the road map for your day+your week. See what’s been happening company wide and what’s coming up that needs your attention. With options for customizing what you see and the order you see them in, you can tell the system what’s important to you once – and depend on that from then on.
  3. Activate the Lead Capture Form on your Public Profile. It’s important to keep an influx of new leads coming to support the growth you want to see for your business. The Public Profile helps garner attention for your company by increasing your web presence, and having your Lead Capture Form active provides a point of action for those interested new prospects. ConstructionOnline populates that info into Lead Tracking and automatically notifies you immediately.
  4. Set GamePlan(s) for yourself and your team. No other feature is more unique to ConstructionOnline or more integral to managing your team. Set it and forget it. By automatically compiling all task assignments into resource specific reports, GamePlan is the easily accessible point of communication that keeps everyone on the same page.
  5. Download the App. With a comprehensive all-in-one app like ConstructionOnline Mobile, you will always have your projects in your pocket, accessible right from your phone. Never miss a beat, keeping the office, the field, and the client up to date to the minute.

With years of experience having worked directly with successful ConstructionOnline users, I can guarantee that these 5 steps will have you powering through your projects with ease and efficiency.

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