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Why Should I Use Estimating Templates?

At UDA Technologies, we frequently recommend working with templates – estimate templates, schedule templates, document templates, even complete project templates – because we know that building repeatable, reliable processes supports growth and success. However, many construction professionals scoff at the idea of templates when first introduced, thinking that these types of tools only apply to certain types of builders. You’ll be happy to learn that templates – particularly estimate templates – are actually beneficial tools for almost all types of users. Read on to learn more about why you should start using estimate templates today at your business:

  • Reduce the time it takes to get quotes to hot leads – The faster you can get your competitive quote to those leads, the more likely you are to seal the deal and grow your client base. Utilizing estimate templates enables you save time during initial creation, and to present a professional, well-developed proposal to your client in a quick, direct manner.
  • Ensure accuracy & consistency company wide – Every project comes with plenty of variables and adjustments – you want to make sure you aren’t creating these kinds of hurdles for yourself. A detailed, well-reviewed estimate template will make sure you have all your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed – and will give you the ability to empower growing team members to do more by being able to provide them with a perfected template to follow.
  • Streamline integration with your accounting software – Any estimate sent to QuickBooks in a detailed format is going to look to match items in the estimate with items currently in the QuickBooks Items List. If the items don’t exist, new items will be created in QuickBooks to provide a match. Working with a standardized estimate template allows for you work with the same set of items repetitively to keep your QuickBooks Items List clean and simple – improving future data sharing as well.
  • Increase efficiency and ease of estimating – Who doesn’t want to do more in less time? Working with templates of any kind is the #1 way to successfully cut down on time spent doing the same work over again and maintain the quality of work that you strive to achieve. The less time and work a task takes, the less frustration and mistakes it generates.

You’re investing time and money in a construction management solution and you should take advantage of the benefits offered to you – templates are one of the greatest tools you can build in your solution to support effective, efficient business practices. Do yourself a favor. Review your templates today and make sure that they are helping, not hindering, your efficiency and accuracy. Give them TLC they need, and you’ll be ready to tackle any job that comes your way!

Don’t have templates in place yet? We can point you in the right direction!

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