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Profit Webinar Series: Success, Step-by-Step with Project Workflows

Time is money! Continuing our Profit Series webinars, Senior Product Specialist Ian Schaefer and Sales Specialist Jordan Davis show you how you can find success using workflows. If you missed our live session, you can find the recording here as well as questions asked in the webinar by some of ConstructionSuite's 500,000 users.

In the video, you can see how implementing Workflows can take your team's project management to the next level. Throughout this webinar, participants submitted questions for our team to answer - here are a few great questions that came in:

When should the Workflow get built, prior to estimating or after?

Cydney: Great question! Best practice would be to have your Workflow in place from the very start of that project! The more, the better!

Where do you go to choose a different Workflow for a different project type?

Cydney: You can manage your Project Types and associated workflows from Tools > ConstructionSuite Options > Project Type. Subsequently, when creating your projects, you assign a particular Project Type to that new project and the associated Workflow is then applied.

Does Workflow sync with ConstructionOnline?

Cydney: Project Workflows are currently only available in ConstructionSuite.

If I make a step in the Workflow system how can I get that into the hands of someone in the field?

Cydney: The answer will actually vary a good bit depending upon what that step is specifically, as the options for transmitting information vary from feature to feature and since Project Workflows comprehensively cover all steps of your project, it's really what's at the core of your project management. 

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