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Music Motivation: Build Your Solar Eclipse 2017 Playlist

On Monday, August 21st, a total solar eclipse will cross the United States. Trending as "Solar Eclipse 2017" across the internet, this event will be enjoyed by millions across the United States. Thousands of people will flock to the path of totality to enjoy the moon's total blackout, and countless more plan to appreciate the partial eclipse from their own homes, offices, or job sites. However, far fewer have their special eclipse music picked out to make the most of the moment, and that's where UDA is happy to help! We've selected a variety of songs for the occasion, and we encourage you to build your eclipse Spotify playlist with our picks below. You can also see our full playlist here

musicicon-02.pngEpic Pick: Also sprach Zarathustra

AKA "The 2001: Space Odyssey song" or "That one song that goes BUM-BUM-BUM-BUM". The easiest choice on the list; just push play right as the total eclipse begins for the optimal experience.


musicicon-02.pngThe Obvious Choice: Total Eclipse of the Heart

You can't leave this song off of your playlist. You just can't. Especially since Bonnie Tyler will be performing Total Eclipse of the Heart, live, on a cruise ship, in the center of the path of totality. It's a once in a lifetime occurrence, and leaving this song off of your eclipse playlist is a mistake. 


musicicon-02.pngSet the Mood Pick: Dancing in the Moonlight

We know that you're excited for the eclipse; we're throwing a party at our office, too! Get everyone dancing with this classic hit.


musicicon-02.pngCrazy Diamond Pick: Eclipse

Every Pink Floyd fan out there would send us letters if this song didn't make it onto the playlist. "... and the sun is eclipsed by the moon." If you can line the lyrics up with the cosmic event, you're in for a great time. Shine on.


musicicon-02.pngCCR Pick: Bad Moon Rising

Let's be honest, CCR is appropriate for any occasion. Bad Moon Rising, though, is especially appropriate for Solar Eclipse 2017.


musicicon-02.pngLyrically Perfect: Black Hole Sun

In addition to being a great choice for its appropriate lyrics, Black Hole Sun does have a nice time for an "eclipse moment"- right at 0:50, just before the title drop. So if you're looking to rock out during the eclipse, or just looking for a laugh, Soundgarden is not a bad choice.


musicicon-02.pngModern Pick: 9:00

If you think the Inception soundtrack would be perfect for the eclipse, play this song starting at 0:42. 9:00 by Danger will make your eclipse-watching occasion feel like a scene from TRON.


musicicon-02.pngOld School Cool: Stay With Me Baby

Though the words aren't as neat a fit as "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", this is without a doubt the best Walker Brothers track to soundtrack your eclipse. Before there were bass drops there were orchestra hits, and the euphoric wash of sound at 0:55 is hard to beat. Start the song about a minute before the eclipse reaches you, or keep it paused at 0:50 until the eclipse starts and enjoy the mini-buildup right before the big moment.


musicicon-02.pngEclipse Peak Pick: Ain't No Sunshine

The solar eclipse will have a moment of total darkness, and this is known as the peak moment of the eclipse. Some locations will experience the peak, or totality, for almost 3 minutes - the perfect length of time to listen to Ain't No Sunshine. If you're in the center of the eclipse path, put this on your playlist.


musicicon-02.pngPost-Peak Pick: Here Comes the Sun

Here's the song you'll want to play right as the moon moves past the middle of the sun. This Beatles masterpiece will set the stage as sunlight comes flooding back across the landscape.


musicicon-02.pngFull Playlist: UDA Technologies Solar Eclipse 2017 Playlist

The UDA Technologies office will be enjoying our eclipse music playlist as we watch the ~92% coverage here in Auburn, Alabama. Feel free to build off our playlist at your own office, home, job site, or anywhere else!

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