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Introducing: The UDA ConstructionOnline Blog

Who are we, and why should you care what we have to say?

We are UDA Technologies, the leading provider of professional construction project management software. With decades of experience built into our desktop and cloud-based software, our tools help manage over $50 billion in projects every day, and we’re currently approaching half a million users – yes, 500,000!

Along our journey as a rapidly growing provider of construction project management software, we’ve gathered an unbelievable amount of success stories and lessons learned from all segments of the construction industry, from custom residential builders to large commercial general contractors. We’ve also seen countless construction businesses with talented staff and the best intentions, but not the best decision-making practices, fail to grow – and this happens year after year.

Our authors are hard at work distilling these stories and experiences into short pieces on best practices and practical solutions to common issues in the construction industry. Take advantage of other industry professionals’ hard-earned wisdom, and save yourself time and energy by learning from their experiences.

In addition to these bite-sized pieces of wisdom, we want to share our office’s experiences and knowledge as well. The UDA Technologies office is filled with bright, talented people that tend to be disproportionately successful in their chosen fields. Because of this, everyone here seems to bring in new things for everyone to learn from on a weekly basis. Our company has bought into the idea of constant improvement, and each article and piece of research and knowledge we encounter ends up built into our company’s products and services (if we think it’s valuable enough).

Our goal is to translate our knowledge and the best practices we’ve identified into quickly digestible and actionable content you can read at your convenience. After reading one of our posts, you’ll come away with some new knowledge that will have an immediate impact on your day-to-day operations and decision making. Think of the UDA Technologies blog as a value-packed, practical guide to increase your success in growing and managing your construction business.

Content you can look forward to

Here’s an idea of the posts that will be coming your way in the near future:

  • Construction industry best practices
  • Business growth best practices
  • Systems thinking and optimization approaches
  • Client success stories
  • Things that set our most successful clients apart from other businesses
  • Construction industry trends and news
  • Innovative industry technology overviews
  • UDA Technologies products feature overviews and user guides
  • UDA Technologies company events and webinars

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