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IBS in Las Vegas Day 2

IBS usually takes place much earlier in the year, and today being a leap-day makes the event extra special! Yesterday was day two of IBS 2024 in Las Vegas, and it was a blast! Here are the major highlights for the day:

UDA Technologies F(l)ight Club

Our team bonding time on Tuesday was spent at an incredible new venue to us— Flight Club. Located in the gorgeous Venetian Hotel, Flight Club is a restaurant, bar, and darts venue. You read that right— darts!

venetian 2

We absolutely had a blast, and Flight Club will be on the list (right with Chica) of spots we have to go to every year! Our leadership team organized a private event, so all we had to do was order our drinks, play some darts, and fix our plates. We spent just around two hours there, and the duration was perfect. Sure, the music was a little bit loud, so be aware of that if that’s bothersome to you. Our waiter, Adam, was very friendly, helpful, and quick to meet our every need before we even asked.


One thing that Flight Club encouraged more than any place so far was teamwork and bonding. The games that we played required teams of two to be built, and had the option to select these teams randomly. We got paired up with people that maybe we didn’t know too well, or people we don’t usually work with, but that was honestly the best part. Working together on a fun game while enjoying wonderful food was such a great experience, and have helped build great friendships among our team.

flight club

After dinner, the writing team decided to do a little bonding of our own, and we spent some time on the gondola rides in The Venetian. Our driver, Andrea, was hilarious! Not only that, but he sang for us (and everyone around) throughout the ride. It was a blast, and entirely worth the money. Sure, it’s a bit of a tourist trap, but who ever said that you couldn’t have fun at a tourist trap? 


Nothing Can Be Perfect...

The second day of IBS 2024 started off on an… interesting foot, to say the least. As I opened up my laptop to finish up my blog post from the day before, I began to face some issues. The computer was populating error messages when turning on, and it was difficult to determine the root cause. Me and a few of my colleagues worked through some troubleshooting options, but nothing was working, and the error messages continued populating no matter what we did. It seemed like maybe there was an issue with an update. Regardless, we could not fix it with the resources we have here in Las Vegas. 

I was able to set myself up with one of the Surface Studios we have at our booth and get my work done easily and quickly, thankfully. It’s funny— we make plans and lists of things we need to bring to IBS months in advance, but sometimes, no amount of planning will prepare you for random computer issues that have seemingly no cause. 


Everything has been running so smoothly here at IBS, and we are all very excited about the kind of traffic that has been at our booth. No event is perfect, so we’re grateful that one employee’s laptop not working is the biggest issue we have had so far! Especially since we have other resources that easily solved the problem. Anyway, that computer is an issue for when we get back home. 

Wrapping Up...

Today is the last day of IBS 2024, the biggest construction event of the year. It’s a strange feeling— all of our work towards this event is coming to a close. The event has done everything we hoped for plus more, and we are so excited to leave off on a good note. Come and see us if you haven’t yet (and make sure to ask for Maggie— I personally want to meet those of you who have been reading my blog) and let’s finish off IBS 2024 in Las Vegas strong! 

Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback!

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