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3 Steps to Getting Started Successfully with Construction Management Software

Congratulations! You did it!

After hours of painstaking research, budget discussions, software demos, and exploratory trials, you sealed the deal on the ideal construction project management software for your company.

. . . Now what?

It may feel overwhelming when you are first tasked with getting your new-to-you construction management software up and running at your company, but that's where we come in - the experts who make up ConstructionOnline's Success Team. Our goal is your success, and we'll show you that better project management is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1-2Devise a plan.

When you began your search for construction management software, you identified specific “pain points,” aka challenges, that your company was facing on a daily basis - these are often the motivating factors inspiring a company's software search and the primary areas where you're looking for software to make an impact.

Now that you've selected the best construction management software for your company, it’s time to refine your focus and develop a plan for success. Begin by addressing the basic setup of your account & users, as a solid foundation makes for the most stable structure going forward.

Then, prioritize the implementation of features & functions in order of importance to you and your team. This approach gives your implementation efforts necessary focus, improves team onboarding efficiency, and accelerates your company's ROI with the software - in those areas where you need it the most.

>>> Be sure to contact your software provider during the initial implementation of your construction management software to discover what resources they have available to support you as you find success, like ConstructionOnline's SmartStart™ Success Program. 

2-2Prepare your tools.

Anytime you begin utilizing a new system or updating processes, it's important to spend the time upfront to prepare your tools to streamline rollout, improve adoption, and ensure scalability.

Options like importing contacts, customizing company branding, creating templates, activating integrations, and reviewing company defaults can make the system work much more efficiently for your team. Plus, you’ll see amazing returns on time & energy saved in the short- and long-term  by having your company preferences & resources ready to go in the system.

>>> These initial onboarding tasks also help you (and your team) get comfortable with the new system. You'll gain confidence with system configuration, familiarity with system navigation, and key insights that support the successful execution of your company's software implementation goals. 

3-1Huddle your team.

To maximize the success you'll find with your new construction management software, make sure your team is involved from the very beginning - and onboard for the transition.

Encourage various departments and team members to explore how the construction management software can benefit them in their particular role or area of responsibility. By identifying tools that could impact their individual day-to-day work, your team members will have a more vested interest in implementation - and the more hands, the faster the work. 

Also, be sure to provide your team with resources for when they have questions and support them as they begin learning the ins and outs of the chosen construction management software. Oftentimes it helps to have breakout implementation training sessions with your software provider that pull key, related team members together to keep everyone on the same page.

As the new workflows and processes are implemented and that immediate value begins to be seen, you'll have everyone on your team wondering why your company didn’t make the switch earlier!

>>> Hold your team accountable for utilizing the new processes introduced with the implementation of your selected construction management software platform. Show them it is a priority and they will appreciate the addition of modern, efficient solutions designed to improve the way their days and projects are managed.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates

Let this be the motto for your team as you upgrade invest in the future success of your company with the implementation of construction project management software. You chose to make the change for a reason and each step taken during onboarding & implementation is setting your company up for unprecedented success.

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