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Get Ready for IBS 2024 with Us!

After traveling through every time zone in the United States, our team finally touched down in Las Vegas last night– ready and excited for IBS 2024! Today was the last day of setup for us, and we are ready to see you all first thing tomorrow!

First Stop: Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill
Last night, we got the chance to relax for a little bit after spending all day in and out of airplanes. We then made our way to Caesar's Palace and had a fantastic dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill.


Well, my Beef Wellington was fantastic, but shockingly, two people in our group ordered steaks that came to our table overcooked. I don’t think Chef Ramsay would be too happy about the “medium” steak that nearly had the texture of beef jerky…

Otherwise, the drinks were delicious, and the desserts were unmatched.

Next Stop: Jetlag

This morning started off very early for many of us. Shifting from Central time to Pacific time is definitely an adjustment, and for me, that meant that I was awake and ready to start the day at 4:00 AM PST. By the time we left for the convention center, my day was already nearly halfway over.

When you walk in the Las Vegas Convention Center, it doesn’t look like the biggest trade show in North America is starting in less than 24 hours. In fact, with the sheer number of crates that have yet to be emptied, the chirps of heavy machinery backing up from across the hall, and the amount of trash lining the walkways, you would think that there’s still another week before the show starts.


However, it’s shocking just how quickly a booth can come together, with the right preparations and precise planning of course. We walked into the convention center this morning with our video board set up, plastic still covering the carpet, and no furniture or computers in sight. Within two hours, every device, table, and chair was set up, and every remnant of plastic was nowhere to be found. I looked down for twenty minutes to start writing, and by the time I looked up, everything was ready to go. 


Even though it seems like some exhibitors are running very low on prep time, there’s no sense of rush or stress in the hall. Instead, there is just a general sense of excitement that has been building over a long time. Some of our favorite highlights of the day so far have been:

  • Seeing the most intricate and elaborate booths as they’re being set up– complete with numerous lighting fixtures and even staircases,
  • Walking around and picking up on conversations in several different languages,
  • Getting a feel for how other exhibitors display their products and brand.

ConstructionOnline Exclusive Look at IBS Only!

We can’t wait to show off some of our newest features– the released and not yet released. Come see us at booth W3367 tomorrow to get a live demo of:

  • Comments on change orders
  • Dynamic tables for leads
  • Purchase Orders
  • Logging (Custom) and 3 additional
  • New To-Dos

See you tomorrow!

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