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Countdown to IBS 2024: 6 Weeks ‘til Vegas

Welcome back to UDA Technologies’ exclusive weekly countdown to IBS 2024 in Las Vegas! This week marks six weeks until the event– are you hyped up yet? Tune in to this week’s countdown to learn about the impressive outdoor exhibits (which include fully-built houses, by the way), the flaming dessert we can’t get off our minds, our tool for business empowerment, and what to do “when hell freezes over” like it did back in 2019!

What’s in it for You:

What is the best way to compile different products for home-building in one place? A home, of course. Further, is there a better place to show off these products than at a trade show? Nope! 

One of the ways that you can see a comprehensive presentation of different home-building products is through the ProBuilder Show Village! Enter the parking lot near the front entrance at the Las Vegas convention center for this incredible outdoor exhibit. In the village you will find homes built in the lot, with access to full self-guided walkthroughs and tours. Alongside these homes, you’ll find more vendors with the top products for your projects!

The outdoor exhibit is a great place to get some fresh air, while also expanding your product and brand knowledge– truly getting the most out of your IBS 2024 experience. As a bonus, there is a large area in the midst of the outdoor exhibit with tables and chairs if you need to rest your feet from walking around all day. Like we mentioned in last week’s countdown, the weather is expected to be beautiful, so don’t forget to spend some time in the Show Village!

Oh, and free tickets (a $225 value), of course.

Las Vegas Spotlight: (For Foodies)

The way that I determine what to mention in these articles primarily relies on the conversations we have around the office, and what seems to stand out from previous IBS experiences. For this week, two separate conversations revolved around one specific restaurant that we love. Conveniently located in the gorgeous Venetian Resort, Chica is a spot that you cannot miss!

We have a couple of self-proclaimed “foodies” on staff, so when they say that
Chica is one of the better restaurants they’ve been to, you can trust that it’s a solid choice. But of course, there are plenty of reviews online if you want to check it out for yourself. The quality of the food stood out of course– the Tomahawk Steak was fantastic– but what really took the cake (no pun intended) was the dessert menu!

The first thing we tried was “The Flaming Skull”-- a delicious lava cake dessert. I know what you may be thinking– where does that name come from? The dessert comes out to the table in a solid skull-shaped chocolate shell– beautifully designed, and painted with edible gold. The server then lights the skull on fire, the skull melts, and the dessert is revealed underneath.

Simply looking at this next dessert, you would never know that it’s a slice of cheesecake. Rather, you’d assume that it’s just an ear of corn. On the menu, there is no indication that this is what they’d bring to your table. If you get the chance to visit Chica, you must try “The Corn”-- a delectable cheesecake, marvelously disguised as an ear of street corn.

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Feature Highlight:

While ConstructionOnline is project management software by definition, it has so much more to offer than just that. ConstructionOnline is also a software that will empower growth in your business in general, outside of the project level. One major feature that accomplishes this is TrueVision Business Intelligence, exclusive to UDA ConstructionOnline only! With TrueVision, you get access to in-depth analyses of your business and how it’s going as a whole.

Within the TrueVision Business Intelligence feature, there are four different major categories: the Project Scorecard, ResourceTrak, MultiProject Scheduling, and Company Reporting. With the Project Scorecard in particular, you can quickly gauge how every project is going. The project scorecard essentially measures the “health” of each of your projects in one place. 

At the company level, you can see which jobs are over/under performing, track budgets and profitability, identify and mitigate risks, and more. Then, at the project level, TrueVision will score the health of your project with a numerical score and with a percentage out of 100%, as well as other metrics to assess your project. The numerical score is out of 2,550 as default, but there is an option to adjust any metric you desire– tailoring the feature to work specifically for YOU.


TrueVision Business Intelligence is such a powerful, business-empowering feature available to the Business and Enterprise tiers of ConstructionOnline subscriptions. Stop by our booth at IBS for a live demonstration of TrueVision Business Intelligence!

All of these valuable features are part of TrueVision Business Intelligence– available to the Business and Enterprise tiers of ConstructionOnline subscriptions. Stop by our booth at IBS for a live demonstration of TrueVision Business Intelligence!

Coming Soon: Special Discounts

At the start of next week, we will be launching a limited-time Friends and Colleagues discount for current users. If you refer a friend to ConstructionOnline, you’ll get $1,000 off your annual subscription, and your friend will receive $1,000 off their initial subscription price! Of course, since you’re reading this, you now have early notice of the discount, so keep an eye out for that email announcement!

The Year Hell Froze Over

Some might call the 2019 surprise snow in Las Vegas “the time that hell froze over”, and we were in town to experience it! Snow in Las Vegas is incredibly rare and we got to experience that first hand, which was such a nice surprise! That year, we went to The Spring Mountains just west of Vegas and got to momentarily step away from the Las Vegas excitement. There we saw the beautiful Nevada countryside covered in a crisp white snow blanket. 


You don’t want to miss next week’s edition of the IBS countdown from UDA Technologies, where you’ll learn more about your attendee benefits, other exciting product highlights, more unique Vegas spots, and a peek into our preparations as a vendor. To learn more about our products, visit our website here, and get excited for the 5 week countdown to the largest trade show in North America!

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