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ConstructionSuite Cloud 411: Work from Anywhere with UDA's Cloud Hosting for Construction Software


Smart business owners know it’s important to implement strategies to streamline the day-to-day management of a business and encourage consistent growth. One way many companies are able to build in systems for success is to harness the power of relevant software solutions – reliable tools which support teams in achieving goals.

For some time now, you could say the tech world has had its collective head in the cloud – or on the cloud, rather. With increased mobile capabilities on devices and networks worldwide, access to data from anywhere at any time is not just a preference, but a necessity in many instances. For the construction professional, this means choosing and implementing powerful software solutions to manage critical project data from multiple locations.

Implementing technology successfully at your growing construction firm can present challenges, like limited collaboration capabilities and restricted accessibility outside of the office. Many remote access options present unreliable connections, slow performance speeds, and increased frustrations. In the past, an in-house server was determined to be the fastest, most reliable option for providing your team with a shared database – not any more.

UDA Technologies delivers ConstructionSuite Cloud – all the power of ConstructionSuite, hosted by UDA on Amazon’s unparalleled network of global servers. Through AWS Connect, UDA Technologies creates a new way to access ConstructionSuite, from any device with a web connection. Finally, a fast, reliable, affordable cloud hosting option that answers the software questions all builders ask -

So I can access ConstructionSuite from the office?
The field? My home computer?

Yes. Yes. And yes. With a personalized server for your company, you’ve got your very own workspace that you can pull up anywhere, any time.

And I will be working with the same information as the rest of my team?

That’s right – no matter your access point, ConstructionSuite Cloud allows for you and your team to share a database, which means you are always on the same page.

But it’s slow, right? I’ve remoted in with other services before,
and it’s always so slow.

No – it’s nothing like those other experiences. Your dedicated server is optimized for ConstructionSuite, and Amazon’s network offers server availability zones all over the world – and the access that’s available as a result is FASTER than most local computers.

What about QuickBooks? PlanSwift? These connections are integral to my process – will this set up disrupt the program communication?

We know! That’s why we’ve optimized your server, not only for ConstructionSuite, but also for QuickBooks and PlanSwift installations as well.

Ok. This sounds to good to be true – is it going to cost me an arm and two legs, or just an arm and a leg?

No appendages needed. We’ve crunched the numbers and pulled some strings to be able to offer ConstructionSuite Cloud at an incomparable price. UDA Cloud Consultants can work with you to develop your personalized quote, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. 

UDA Technologies services the construction management needs of over half a million professionals worldwide every day by providing award-winning solutions for builders’ everyday challenges.

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