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3 Surprising Ways to Use Construction Punch Lists


Although punch lists are a familiar assessment tool in the construction industry, the many possible ways in which they can be applied are commonly overlooked. We all know that punch lists are the standard for end-of-project walk-thrus and inspections, but have you ever considered using a punch list app to successfully end each phase of a project, or ensure all necessary documentation is completed across the duration of a job? What about measuring your preparedness for a trade show or making sure a lead is fully qualified using a punch list? Below, we provide 3 unconventional yet easy adaptations for the common punch list format:

1. Construction Project Kickoff:

One of the most beneficial implementations I’ve seen of punch lists has been in the very beginning of a project, to ensure everyone starts and stays on the same page. When managing new jobs, there’s an influx of varied information coming from all directions, and to get the best results, it’s important that the right information is gathered and properly managed down to the last detail. Punch lists can be used to create a workflow for starting a project successfully - tracking everything from completion of final steps in the sales process to submissions of specific signatures & documentation, creating a high level of visibility during one of the most chaotic phases of project management.

2. Construction Site Visits to ensure Safety & Quality Control:

An all-too-common struggle construction professionals face regularly is their inability to clone themselves - if there could just be one of you on every job site at all times overseeing things, everything would go off without a hitch, right? Unfortunately, technology hasn’t quite caught up to that need yet - however, technology has developed some fantastic tools to help in the meantime.  Enhancing company accountability and oversight by implementing Site Visit Punch Lists can be a major first step to heavily impacting the jobsite culture. Devise a punch list that addresses expected safety procedures and quality measures, and review during your job site visits. The checklist format of a punch list makes this a super quick and easy way to have detailed oversight, while the ability to document issues lets you know what needs to be addressed as points of correction. Being consistent with these measures and being able to compare actual data allows for better communication with your employees which leads to better results.

>>> Check out this Sample Safety Punch List 

3. Daily Operations, such as Meeting Agendas

We’ve all be subject to those meetings that really could have been emails, and we’ve also probably been guilty of calling those meetings that could have really been emails. Having a defined agenda makes running and attending meetings a much less painful process - punch lists are a familiar and casual tool that can work easily as a meeting agenda. Being able to check topics off as they are reviewed keeps your meetings on track, while being able to document points of discussion and action items moving forward allows for accountability down the road.

Being able to implement punch lists and reap the many conventional and unconventional benefits this simple multi-use tool can provide requires a system that supports easy, efficient punch list management. ConstructionOnline provides a powerful punch list tool alongside other comprehensive project management features. For punch lists on-the-go, explore the ConstructionOnline™ Mobile - UDA's powerful mobile companion, providing all your punch lists in one easy-to-access mobile app! 

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