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Tips & Tricks Webinar Series: Project Management Mastery


Starting off our Tips & Tricks Series webinars, Senior Product Specialist Ian Schaefer will show you how you can find success using dashboards, workflows, and more! If you missed our live session, you can find the recording here as well as questions asked in the webinar by some of ConstructionSuite's 500,000 users.

In the video, you can see how implementing ConstructionSuite can take your team's project management to the next level. Throughout this webinar, participants submitted questions for our team to answer - here are a few great questions that came in:

How do you edit workflows?

Cydney: You can access that from the Tools Menu in ConstructionSuite, select ConstructionSuite Options, and choose Project Type. Here you will be able to manage the project types and associated workflow components. 

How do you see if you have projects currently attached to a specific project type?

Cydney: You can navigate to Projects in ConstructionSuite and make sure the Type Column is displayed in your All Projects list (right click and check/uncheck Visible Columns). This will allow for you to see all your projects in a list and you can click the Type column header to see that sorted by Project Type. Then, you could make adjustments from that point as needed. 

Where do you see what the action or attachment a workflow item is?

Cydney: When you navigate to Projects > Workflows, you can right click on the individual workflow item and right click to choose "Edit Workflow Item" to see the details of the workflow item. 

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