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Profit Webinar Series: Boost Your Bottom Line


In the first installment of our Profit Series webinars, Senior Product Specialist Ian Schaefer and Sales Specialist Jordan Davis show you how you can drive up profits by utilizing features in ConstructionSuite's OnCost Estimating. If you missed our live session, you can find the recording below as well as questions asked in the webinar by some of ConstructionSuite's 500,000 users.

In the video, you can see how implementing OnCost estimating can take your team's project management to the next level. Markups, change orders, company overhead, and Applications for Payment are just a few of the features that ConstructionSuite helps you control to increase profit and minimize cost on the job. Throughout this webinar, participants submitted questions for our team to answer - here are a few great questions that came in:

How does the change order show on the App for Pay? Does it show up as one item or multiple items based on categories used?

Ian: Ultimately, it's got a couple of possibilities; The design of the form (the G703) is that change orders get factored into the existing line item where they apply. The scheduled value is supposed to show the total overall for that section. For those of you who do want to keep [change orders] separated, it can be done - just make sure that you create an additional change orders category down at the bottom and that way when you're sending it over to QuickBooks, it knows that it is a completely separate section, so when it goes into the app for payment, it will be put into it's separate section. 

Is Ian working this webinar on an AWS server? If so what CPU and RAM is on the Virtual Machine?

Cydney: Excellent inquiry, Tim! Everything on this webinar is being done on an AWS server! Incredibly fast, isn't it? Ian's server is a 2 core processor, 8GB ram.

Is there a way to set a markup for all of my materials or labor in my estimate?

Ian: Yes! An easy way to set the markup would be to go up to this estimating tab at the top and click the Set Classification Markup. [....] You can pre-define the markup you want for each classification type, no matter how it gets in there. 


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