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COL Secret Hacks: Custom Calendars


Over half a million users can attest that ConstructionOnline addresses the prevalent project management needs of growing construction firms across the globe -- but do you know about ConstructionOnline’s secret weapons? COL Secret Hacks will point you to ConstructionOnline’s most unique tools, differentiators which truly make ConstructionOnline stand out as the most powerful construction project management system on the web today.

See the "Big Picture" with Custom Calendars

At UDA Technologies, we know there are many factors that go into managing a successful construction company, and one of the most valuable factors that needs managing is time. From project schedules to meetings and company operations, it's important to always have a pulse on your company's schedule, day to day, week to week, and across the entire year. That's why ConstructionOnline provides powerful Calendar management tools for every aspect of your operations. 

You know that each project created in ConstructionOnline comes with it's own Project Calendar, but did you know that you can create Custom Calendars to track non-project related activities? You can with ConstructionOnline's Custom Calendars feature! As part of the Company Calendar in ConstructionOnline, Custom Calendars provide a space for you to manage company meetings, employee vacation time, operational deadlines, school or sports schedules, and more! Just like with Project Calendars, you can add events, delegate responsibility, and set reminders to improve communication company-wide. Custom Calendars can also be integrated with Google and/or Outlook calendars and associated to specific resources to further streamline your everyday calendar management. By bringing all Calendar details into a single location in ConstructionOnline's Company Calendar, you are able to see the big picture at all levels and manage your company's time better than ever before. 

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