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Keeping Customers Happy in the Age of HGTV

Realistic Approaches for Bringing Clients’ Dreams to Life

Loved and hated for its ability to make the inaccessible accessible, the complicated uncomplicated, and the impossible possible, reality television has undeniably changed our outlook and approach in daily life. From fairytale dating shows to extreme survival challenges, and of course the DIY craze, this genre has revolutionized our access to the individual processes behind achievements and shaped our expectations for everyday personal experiences – and the construction industry is no exception.

In the Age of HGTV, clients now feel that they have a much deeper awareness of what the construction process involves. I mean, how many marathons of Rehab Addict does it take to become a licensed contractor? This familiarity leads to clients who approach their projects with specific expectations when it comes to custom options, project access, and the time-cost relationship. As the professional, there are many simple ideals you can apply to please your clients – and maybe even land your own series one day?

1. Be open.

Today’s client comes with an infusion of fresh, exciting ideas about creative approaches inspired by their favorite episodes – and strong opinions inspired by their least favorites as well. Take these into consideration, and be willing to explore with your client – when reasonable. You are the expert, and at the end of the day, it is up to you to achieve quality execution within your client’s budget and schedule.

2. Provide visibility.

Teams of adorable reno experts can seemingly complete a project in 3 days cut down to a 30-minute segment, so clients may be surprised to learn their project is going to stretch out over weeks or even months. Being able to show accurate and consistent schedule updates, daily logs, and progress photos allows your client to better understand just how involved the construction process actually is – behind the scenes. By using the ConstructionOnline mobile app, clients can always check in on the project's status from on the go, providing peace of mind.

3. Make yourself available.

Communication has always been important in building positive client relationships, but for clients who are used to toured guides of antique shops and entertaining DIY snippets, it is even more important for them to feel they have open avenues of communication with you. Let the clients know up front the best ways to contact you and your team to support communication and project efficiency – or you may find yourself with an unexpected audience on the jobsite.

These concepts can seem intense, but utilizing the right tools can allow you to engage with your clients in exactly this manner. A construction project management software like ConstructionOnline has built in options for addressing these aspects of the client experience – providing access, visibility, and communication options that allow you to maintain focus on the jobsite and never require your client to leave the comfort of their couch, one of the many bonuses we can thank reality television and home builder software for.

Originally published August 2, 2017, updated April 4, 2018.

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