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ConstructionSuite Secret Hacks: Locking Estimates


With over half a million users, ConstructionSuite is leading the pack in desktop project management software for growing construction firms all over the world -- but do you know about ConstructionSuite’s secret weapons? ConstructionSuite Secret Hacks will show you the most unique tools of ConstructionSuite. These distinctions truly make ConstructionSuite stand out as the world's most powerful desktop construction project management system.

Estimate Locks - Never worry about accidental alteration again!

One of the many new features that debuted in ConstructionSuite 9 is the ability to lock down parts of estimates. This new ability can save your company time, stress, and even money by ensuring that inadvertent mistakes are not made on any project estimate or custom template. This feature can be accessed by any administrator in ConstructionSuite.

To lock down an estimate, start by opening the estimate you'd like to lock. Once the estimate is open, find the "Lock Estimate" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. It will be located below your category names, next to the Usage Timer.

Lock Estimate Button

Once clicked, your options for locking the estimate will appear. From here, you can select each section you want locked. You can choose to lock costs and markup, names and structure (great for QuickBooks integration!), actuals, and so much more!

Locking Estimate Module

Once you've selected what you want to lock, hit OK and save your estimate. You'll notice a lock icon on each column corresponding to the item you locked. Now, the next time any user opens up this estimate, the items you selected will be locked!

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