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Better Construction Estimates in 15 Minutes or Less

The trick to working better, smarter, and faster lies in finding the right tool for the job at hand and in using that tool well. A hammer won’t do the trick when a drill is needed. When it comes to better, smarter, faster construction estimates, you’re looking for a tool that allows you to develop a refined, repeatable process that can be applied easily and updated quickly. This is exactly why more than half a million construction professionals worldwide choose UDA Technologies’ ConstructionSuite to service their construction estimating needs – ConstructionSuite’s OnCost Estimating provides the essential elements you need to streamline your estimating process and efficiently generate detailed estimates, professional proposals, and comprehensive contracts that win you jobs.

Estimate Templates

The first and most crucial element in expediting your estimating process is your estimate template. Well-developed templates help to alleviate complex, manual data entry and the errors that can stem from this inefficient, time-consuming approach. UDA’s ConstructionSuite comes already-equipped with comprehensive estimate templates, which can be modified and saved to your preferences. ConstructionSuite also allows for you to import an estimate template from Excel or develop a completely custom template. With exceptional template building blocks, like assemblies, cost books, and dimensions, UDA enables you to succeed with ease.

Cost Books

The UDA Items Database serves as an invaluable tool by storing thousands of items, costs, and quotes, and providing an easy-to-access location for tracking and managing all of your construction costs. ConstructionSuite comes pre-loaded RS Means Cost Books data, giving you access to both national average and adjusted local pricing for materials, while also providing the option for you to create custom cost books for a fully customizable solution that can be applied to any estimates generated in ConstructionSuite.


Assemblies are project components that have been grouped together to cover all material and labor costs for a particular portion of an estimate. You can build your own assemblies or you can access pre-built assemblies in UDA’s Items Database courtesy of RSMeans Cost Books, which are available directly from within ConstructionSuite. Building assemblies into cost books and applying to your estimates can deliver an incredible amount of detail to your estimates in a single click.


Dimensions can easily be set per project, creating an easy-to-access list of critical project measurements. As needed, these dimension quantities and units can be quickly adjusted within your OnCost Estimate and the updates will automatically refresh any items in the estimate affected by the dimensions’ edit, ensuring that your calculations remain accurate at all times. Applying dimensions presents an excellent option for managing the details in a smart, efficient manner.

Simplifying the estimating process with tools that alleviate unnecessary manual data entry and restrictive data access can make a huge impact on your company and your profits. Consistently accurate estimates that are easy and quick to generate increase the number of jobs you are able to bid and the number of jobs you are able to win. Harness the powerful construction estimating tools available in UDA ConstructionSuite and ConstructionSuite Cloud for an unparalleled experience that is sure to save you time and money.

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